Almost all my life I have taken care of someone and I have not always been aware of it. The first memory I have is of taking care of my younger siblings. They were three years younger than me, twins, and my mother made me responsible for looking after them and entertaining them.

Then came my grandmother. We lived in the same house and I learned to “read” her needs and to anticipate her requests. I loved her so much that nothing was too much for me, not even the healing of her sores.

I was growing and so was my ability to serve and support. It was something natural that came to me when I felt a need in another.

I have cared for my daughters, my parents, my grandchildren, little girls, teenagers and elderly women. Throughout this journey I have realised, among other things, the lack of care, attention, respect and love for myself. And also, the need for recognition that I had.

I did not realise that if I was not cared for and nurtured, I could not give the best of myself to others. Without being self-loving, it was very easy to get tired, to protest, to self-abuse, to overdo things, to disrespect myself, or to feel like a victim.

As I began to heal and take responsibility for myself, the way I cared for myself transformed and I went from believing that I cared for others to feeling cared for and enriched by them. Every one has shown me facets of myself, they have been a reflection and support. They have helped me to deepen and open my heart.

I serve with dedication, understanding, compassion, patience and love.

I serve with joy, knowing that my essence is the same as another, that there is no separation and that Love sustains us all equally.

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