The Experience of Caring for Another in Hospital

As the result of a lung deficiency the lady I was caring for had to remain in hospital for a few days. Here in Spain there’s not enough staff therefore a relative or friend has to remain with and care for the patient. As the lady had Alzheimer’s disease this meant caring for her all day long and night too, so four carers became involved.

When it was my turn to come on duty I was a bit worried how the lady was getting on with not being able to do whatever she used to do at home and how this was affecting her mental health. I then called the carer to check how she was doing.

The carer shared with me in such a way that I felt touched to the bones, allowing me to really understand from within myself how profound caring for somebody can be. There was so much love in all she lived and felt while interacting with the lady that a new level of humbleness arose in my heart. Love was expressing and preparing me to be open, there was no need to do anything special, no need for a special type of care but just be the whole of me with her.

True, there wasn’t anything to worry about, so much so that when I got to sit near my lady’s bed there was joy to be with her, plenty of love and nothing else. This has been a new marker in the relationship and care of my lady on a daily basis, something that I have enjoyed and appreciated a lot as the level of intimacy reaches a deeper level.

I have deep appreciation for the opportunity to be more open and delicate with her and by responding to this, love expands between both of us as never before.

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