Who made the soup?

“Did you cook this?” The client asked twice. “Yes” I said.

What he felt as he spooned each mouthful was not a dish made with any specific intention but one made with immeasurable love. When I tasted the soup, I too asked ‘Who made this soup?”

Curiously, as the soup was being made, it did not feel as if ‘I’ was making it – it sort of came together with me as observer. I wanted to make it in a particular way, but as I moved, the soup made itself. And I had no idea how it did.

As carers what we offer clients is far greater than functional support. Yes, we prepare and cook meals, we make beds, we may shave a client, we wash and bathe them, but there is always so much more. When joy, stillness, harmony, love and truth is present in the in-between-moments, seemingly nothing is happening, but everything is.

1 thought on “Who Made the Soup?”

  1. This is utterly delicious to read this! Word by word the taste that has been acknowledged by the client is here, available to sense and feel and it’s a beautiful reminder that love is all is needed.
    Be it while cooking, cleaning, sharing a conversation or whatever.

    There’s so much to offer when we are fully present.

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