Miracle…What Miracle?

A woman in her late seventies, chronically ill with un-diagnosed and believed to be neurological condition.  Her choice was to opt out of medical examinations to find the source of the problem. She declined any medical intervention that she perceived would cause her more physical distress and imbalance.

Her outer appearance reveals a woman moving towards the end of her life. She is now in a body with decreasing functionality and severe limitations: limbs, legs and hands fail her, unable to grip objects and cooking food is difficult. She also has hearing loss, decline and disinterest in her personal appearance, but not personal hygiene. 

With awareness and personal reflection, this woman in conversation with another, begins to question what is happening and why.  She asks, “How did I get here?” She sobs and admits all her life she could not cry – mother’s death, divorce, relationship breakdowns.  Instead, she held on. Crying was not an option, she was strong and kept going.  Now as she sobs, tensions release from her past. Healing beckons.  She says, “all my life I’ve held on to pride, judgement, blame and achievement.” 

Then a profound realisation:

“I now know my body had to breakdown to this extent for me to get here and break down the fortress I’ve held on to all my life.”

Now, able to let go, she re-connected to her heart and in her own words said, “my heart is expanding.” 

From outward appearance what seemed to be a miserable path to death was not, for it initiated deep internal transformation.  It was offered to her that nothing external matters, only an internal focus that clears all that no longer belongs.

Graced with awareness and willingness, she went there, looked at herself and her life deeply and found truth. Her body, free of hurt, regret and unencumbered by past restrictions, prepares to pass over. Priceless.

And yet…

She still prayed for a miracle – not realising the miracle had already occurred. 

When a miracle is singularly equated to a body regaining strength and vitality, we miss the true miracle. In asking for a physical manifestation of a miracle, did she miss the potency of the miracle just received?

Regardless, this woman yet to pass over, has already begun the transition and business of energetically clearing her body to do so.

Yes a Miracle.

3 thoughts on “Miracle…What Miracle?”

  1. Gabriele Conrad

    I love this article; it shows that life is about healing and that healing never stops, if we are willing to go there. And also, that the outer appearance is secondary to the innermost – may we not judge each other by outer appearances, there is so much more that can be going on.

  2. Thank you, I have not quite reached that point of complete breakdown and still keep trying to recover and find a healing another way. This beautiful article reminds me it is about acceptance and surrender and settlement and letting go of all the vestiges of the fortress I have so easily built around me as I too have never been able to weep about any of the deaths in my life’s experience, beginning with the death of my beloved stepsister aged 17. So many deaths around me recebtly including the visiting hen to the fox, and the horse next door. It’s rubbing my face in it and still I have not cried. I am still in survival mode so ultimately it is about self survival and that makes me very tense as self is no longer relevent. I can let go of that and pass over into that that beautiful sunset and become one with the Universe.This is true healing.

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